Use Well known in a Sentence, Mastering the Usage of “Well Known” in English


Use Well-known in a sentence. Enhance your language proficiency with a comprehensive exploration of “well known” in English. Gain valuable insights into its definition and uncover the essential rules and guidelines for employing this term effectively.

Well-known - Sentence for Well-known

Definition of Well known

The term “well known” refers to something or someone that is widely recognized, familiar, or famous. It implies that the subject or entity has gained a significant level of prominence, popularity, or notoriety in a particular field, industry, or among a large number of people. Being well known suggests that information, characteristics, or achievements associated with the subject are widely acknowledged and commonly understood by a substantial portion of the relevant audience or society. The level of familiarity and recognition can vary depending on the context, ranging from local or niche recognition to global or universal awareness.

How is “Well known” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Well known”?

The phrase “well known” is commonly used in English to describe something or someone that is widely recognized or familiar. Here are some guidelines for its usage:

  1. Adjective phrase: “Well known” is primarily used as an adjective phrase that modifies a noun. It describes the level of recognition or familiarity associated with the noun. For example:
    • “He is a well-known actor in Hollywood.”
    • “The company has a well-known reputation for quality products.”
    • “This book is written by a well-known author.”
  2. Hyphenation: When used as an adjective phrase before a noun, “well known” is typically hyphenated. However, when it follows the noun, it is not hyphenated. Examples:
    • “She is a well-known politician.” (before the noun)
    • “The politician is well known.” (after the noun)
  3. Subjective judgment: The term “well known” is subjective and can vary depending on the context. What is considered well known in one field or community may not be the case in another. It is relative to the target audience’s knowledge or the specific context being discussed.
  4. Context and qualifiers: To provide additional clarity or specificity, qualifiers or modifiers can be added to “well known.” Examples include “internationally,” “locally,” “widely,” “universally,” or specifying the field or domain in which someone or something is well known.

It’s important to note that the usage of “well known” may vary in certain idiomatic expressions or regional variations of English. However, the guidelines mentioned above should generally apply to its usage.


How to use the word Well known in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences demonstrating the use of the term “well known”:

  1. The Eiffel Tower is a well-known landmark in Paris.
  2. She is a well-known singer with a huge fan base.
  3. The movie star was surrounded by well-known actors at the awards ceremony.
  4. His well-known expertise in computer programming made him a sought-after consultant.
  5. The company’s well-known logo is instantly recognizable.
  6. The restaurant is famous for its well-known chef and delicious cuisine.
  7. The artist’s paintings are exhibited in well-known galleries around the world.
  8. The author’s latest novel was eagerly anticipated by her well-known readership.
  9. The scientist is a well-known authority in the field of genetics.
  10. The city is well known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene.
  11. The historical figure left a legacy of well-known achievements.
  12. The politician’s scandal became a well-known news story across the country.
  13. The university is renowned for its well-known professors and rigorous academic programs.
  14. The athlete’s record-breaking performance made her well-known in the sports world.
  15. The fashion designer’s runway shows are attended by well-known celebrities.
  16. The organization is supported by well-known philanthropists and donors.
  17. The small town became well known for its annual music festival.
  18. The technology company’s products are used by well-known brands worldwide.
  19. The actor’s portrayal of the iconic character made him well known in Hollywood.
  20. The chef’s well-known recipes are featured in popular cookbooks.

These sentences showcase the varied usage of “well known” in different contexts and illustrate its application as an adjective phrase to describe widespread recognition or familiarity.

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