Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Rooster


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does rooster mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the rooster description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Rooster

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The Rooster of the Chinese Horoscope

  • Chinese Name of the Rooster: Ji
  • Rooster’s influence time: between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Rooster season of the year: Autumn
  • Month of influence of the Rooster: September
  • Element of the Rooster: Metal
  • Ascendant: Ascendant of the Rooster
  • Aspect of the Rooster: yin
  • Stone of the Rooster: Jasper
  • Planet of the Rooster: Venus
  • Color of the Rooster: White and Yellow
  • Equivalent zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Compatible with the Rooster: Ox or Buffalo and Snake.
  • Rooster Personality: Ingenious, brave, loyal, hardworking, talented and generous; They can also be proud, curious, romantic and love luxury …

Characteristics of the Rooster according to the Chinese Horoscope

Rooster as the supreme head of the corral is proud (but soft-hearted), self-confident, vain and authoritarian. Their motto is above all loyalty “to call things by their name”, to be frank, open and sincere, they will always tell the truth and keep the word given. Pursues the respect and the admiration, before an overwhelming spirit hides a liar who disguises his true nature, fears that they discover their weak points.

Its greatest characteristic is its capacity for observation, it remains attentive to details, to the extreme that it seems to have eyes in the back; nothing escapes his appreciation, he manages to carry out ambitious projects while obtaining social recognition. They tend to have great precision and accuracy in their observations.

He loves being watched and admired, he is sensitive to praise; Dress well and spend money on trips. Too much of the appearance, dress and accessories, is very critical about the appearance of others. Sociable, seeks to meet new people and are not afraid of uncertain circumstances. His exaggerated need for exhibitionism is compensated by a compassionate, wise and courageous heart that is always ready when someone needs your help.

Rooster has a hard time accepting advice, his independent nature makes him seek to develop his potential in self-employment or in those where he has freedom of action. Trust fully in your judgment,


criteria and choices. Sometimes they are obstinate in their need to be right, forgetting the right that another person has to say and respect to listen to those who like him want to express themselves. Tireless at work, precise and organized, predisposed to fight for a just cause.

He knows how to be a good friend, who can be trusted and also have fun; although he is somewhat egocentric, sometimes aggressive defending his opinions, but always willing to give a hand if they need it.

In the sentimental field, Rooster is romantic, showing his interest with expensive gifts and adulation; He expects the same thing that gives a lot of romanticism, if he finds his half orange he will open the hidden world of his interior. Look for true love, for all life, people born under the influence of the Rooster are faithful.

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