Use Want to in a Sentence – How to use “Want to” in a sentence


Use want to in a sentence. How to use the word want to in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word want to.

Use Want to in a Sentence - How to use "Want to" in a sentence


Examples of want to in a sentence

  1. *** You’ll get the matches you want to see because Robomatch only sends new matches who meet the criteria you chose.
  2. *** It’s perfect for Members who don’t want to check for new Members on a daily basis.
  3. *** I want to act as the mobile cell agency of the motor car accumulator cell of the city of Mu Dan Jiang!
  4. *** I do not want to be tied to this boring job.
  5. *** Does a man running in the rain, does not want to put on the arm?
  6. *** They want to restrict the availability of abortion.
  7. *** I really did not want to just write lyrics, but I wanted to meet Leonard Bernstein.
  8. *** I did not want to continue with that. I do not remember being moved by a piece of music …
  9. *** In the city you do not want to leave the room because all that chaos is happening.
  10. *** If you want to balance the load of this work or provide an alternative route to connect applications, the Balance utility can be adapted to your needs.
  11. *** Now, if we want to use Newtonian mechanics, we must relate velocity and acceleration to the same particle.
  12. *** The minister is assaulted by members of the congregation who want to discuss urgent matters or exchange jokes.
  13. *** I just want to go to the petting zoo and play with some pretty little lambs.
  14. *** The London Zoo receives a respite The London Zoo threatened with the CLOSURE received a last-minute pardon because many people want to visit it.
  15. *** If you want to force-grow tulips, select some of the early-forcing varieties.
  16. *** With so many cost factors involved, the equine industry is struggling to maintain its current ownership. Under that kind of pressure, it is difficult for the industry to start recruiting new owners, even if people want to get involved with a specific breed of horse.
  17. *** The two want to spend more time together.
  18. *** “We do not want to deceive anyone, but we must not be conformists either.

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