Videos in a Sentence

Use Videos in a sentence. How to use the word Videos in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Videos.

Definition of Videos

Examples of Videos in a sentence

*** We have got tons of ways for you to share videos with all your friends.

*** Your account is all set up, why not start by uploading a video or creating a playlist of your favorite videos?

*** Some videos have been banned on the basis that they are too violent.

*** They passed the videos to the police.

*** Videos are useful things to have in the classroom.

*** How much does it cost to hire videos?

*** I have old videos of ‘Fawlty Towers’ that are almost spent, I’ve played them many times.

*** You will need a powerful machine to edit videos.

*** He just sits down to watch videos.

*** Hundreds of cheap videos were downloaded in the British market.

*** They showed the most curved home videos.

*** He had even saved all the videos of his previous exploits.

*** The videos were packaged, ready for distribution.

*** Several long-awaited videos will finally hit stores this month.

*** Sometimes we just sit and watch videos all night.

*** They produce educational videos to learn languages.

*** They sell blank and pre-recorded videos.

*** Children can sit for hours watching videos.

*** We rent videos almost every weekend.

*** Videos are often good teaching materials.

*** She always chooses the videos first.

*** Both videos are comedies of situations made by a director of television entertainment and a cast of comedy actors.

*** Both videos are comedies of brilliant situations written especially for adults and young adults.

*** Like all good instructional videos, these include advice on roles, mixing colors and a variety of techniques.

*** The electric giants of Japan have cornered the market in televisions and videos.

*** He chose a caricature of the stack of videos on the shelf.

*** I will show you a short excerpt from one of our training videos.


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