Use “Used For” in a Sentence, How to use “Used For” in a sentence


Use Used For in a sentence. How to use the word Used For in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Used For. Sentence for Used For.

Use Used For in a Sentence - How to use "Used For" in a sentence


Examples of “used for” in a sentence

  1. Consequently, safes should be used for the purpose for which they are designed.
  2. The theory of gas-tight thermodynamics was used to analyze the rapid plenum process of the bladder accumulator used for samples of deep-sea microbes.
  3. Since the logic values are manipulated in the accumulator used for fixed-point binary arithmetic, separate loading and storage instructions are not required.
  4. Stone, ivory, and bone have also been used for sculpture.
  5. Linear regression was used for comparison with different variables.
  6. The Multiple Output Support Vector Regression (MSVR) algorithm can be used for data regression of multiple outputs of multiple outputs.
  7. Allow undissolved energy to settle, usually several hours. Pour the clear solution into a separate container used for the dosing device.
  8. Automatic Start Function (ATS): A preset throttle position, minus the full throttle, which will be used for initial acceleration off the line without having to turn the wheel.
  9. A method of data processing used for accelerometer dynamometry is proposed.
  10. Livius Andronicus, Nævius, and Plautus in the third century before our era show the language as first used for literary purposes, and with them the breach between the spoken and written tongues begins.
  11. These colors are used for the schedules of the members, and for the records and other documents of the section.
  12. An organisation which permitted the whole force of the city to be used for the benefit of each one, would have given a prospect of successful resistance.
  13. He used for this purpose a pair of cutting-plyers, as they are called, an instrument formed much like a pair of nippers.
  14. The surface employed to receive these inscriptions was, at first, the skin of some animal prepared for this purpose, and the dye used for ink, was a colored liquid obtained from a certain fish

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