Use Tomorrow in a Sentence, How to use “Tomorrow” in a sentence


Use Tomorrow in a sentence. How to use the word Tomorrow in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tomorrow. Sentence for Tomorrow.

Use Tomorrow in a Sentence - How to use "Tomorrow" in a sentence

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Examples of Tomorrow in a sentence

  1. Tomorrow is your twentieth birthday.
  2. Day after tomorrow it is.
  3. “I have to be in İzmir a week from tomorrow!” he said.
  4. Goodness knows what fireworks he’ll introduce tomorrow!
  5. Speak to the people of yesterday, and you will be heard by the people of tomorrow.
  6. I lay down with my Swiss Army knife in my hand, thinking, “I’m going home tomorrow!” … I was terrified and alone.
  7. A solidity that Barcelona will try to show again (20.45) in the match that will face him with Puente Genil and tomorrow will measure the winner of the match between Logroño and Guadalajara.
  8. Tomorrow we will make another effort, when we shall be more successful.
  9. And tomorrow morning, if it suits you, we shall start with the work, which means making a survey of the ground and listing materials.
  10. Tomorrow it is, then.
  11. A solidity that Barcelona Lassa will try to show again tomorrow (20:45) in the quarterfinal match that will face Angel Ximénez Avia Puente Genil, which the Catalans already defeated (36-27) last year in semifinals.
  12. We were out early to-day, and tomorrow we are to take home a pair of nags to Hoegseth Farm.
  13. We often hear advice such as “live in the now” or “let tomorrow worry about tomorrow”, but in the society we live in, the reality is that we can sleep better at night knowing our farthest future is secured financially.
  14. You’ve got to go to work tomorrow!
  15. And tomorrow our little puppets shall go back to their ‘dull’ lives, as you so wittily put it, and everything shall be as I wish.
  16. Lord God, tomorrow we shall hear wonderful music!


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