Use Tokens in a Sentence, How to use “Tokens” in a sentence


Use Tokens in a sentence. How to use the word Tokens in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Tokens. Sentence for Tokens.

Use Tokens in a Sentence - How to use "Tokens" in a sentence

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Examples of Tokens in a sentence

  1. There is no guarantee of financial returns for the tokens.
  2. We believe in fair distribution of tokens to everyone who wish to participate in our IDO.
  3. He buys 65K APAD tokens and also whitelists his wallet address.
  4. Now based on the allocation pool, he becomes eligible for 2 winning tokens.
  5. She is in love with our project and holds whooping 135K APAD tokens.
  6. In this case, all three some them can contribute their USDT irrespective of the number of APAD tokens they hold.
  7. This pool works on the Overflow methodology to provide a fairer distribution of tokens as per the contribution made.
  8. Users can participate in this pool by contributing USDT and based on the percentage of contribution made with respect to the total USDT contributed, users will be able to claim their tokens as well as the amount to unused USDT.
  9. Let us say, Donald has 10K APAD tokens, Barack has no APAD tokens and Joe Biden has 135 K tokens.
  10. Please note that the minimum requirement to get an allocation is 10K but to receive a guaranteed allocation user need to hold minimum 25K tokens.
  11. Once the wallets get whitelisted, users must maintain the APAD tokens in their wallets for 2 days before the IDO.
  12. He holds 10K APAD tokens and wish to get an allocation in our private pool as well.
  13. He didn’t have any APAD tokens with him earlier but as soon as he heard of our upcoming IDO announcement, he plans to get some allotment through our private pool as well.
  14. Our APAD LP tokens can be used to farm APAD tokens in bounty pool as well as get allocation in our upcoming IDO.


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