Use Thought in a Sentence, How to use “Thought” in a sentence


Use thought in a sentence. How to use the word thought in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word thought. How to use “thought” with example sentences

Use Thought in a Sentence - How to use "Thought" in a sentence


Examples of thought in a sentence

  1. At first glance, Cowley thought, he looked like a retired accountant.
  2. She thought it was an absolute scream when I fell off the chair.
  3. Theunissen and his colleague Channing Moore thought that there should be brain circuits in a zebra finch that filter unwanted sounds.
  4. Who ever thought that the barrel of rice could become an engineer?
  5. Only a sentimental and middle-class idiot would have thought.
  6. I enjoyed the movie a lot but I thought the ending was a bit sentimental.
  7. It is also misleading because it is thought that it is not historical or false.
  8. I received shouts of protest from readers who thought I was deceiving them deliberately.
  9. I thought I would convey my doubts to President Roosevelt.
  10. For a brief moment I had thought it was Jenny, absurdly dressed and with a ridiculously short haircut.
  11. One would have thought that it was the congregation of a house of work.
  12. It must be an escape from a zoo, he thought, just as the mink could be from fur farms.
  13. I thought we could go to the zoo on Saturday.
  14. I thought the killer whale with the yarmulke was …
  15. In 1982, Richard Feynman suggested that the venerable Turing machine might not be as powerful as people thought.
  16. Accounts of her parentage vary, but it is thought that she was born in a suburb of New Orleans, probably in June 1835, and that her given name was Adah Bertha.
  17. The Hungarian Gypsy cimbalom, often thought of as a zither, is in reality a large dulcimer.
  18. The prints used to support the legends are thought to be either the prints of a bear or markings left by drifting snow and falling rocks.

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