Thanksgiving in a sentence

How to use the word Thanksgiving in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in a sentence

Examples of Thanksgiving in a sentence

1. In 1620, a boat full of Happy Thanksgiving 2019 Photos of more than a hundred people sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to settle and inhabit the New World.

2. However, somehow you can download the celebration of Happy Thanksgiving Images for a good harvest and the party had begun even before the arrival of English settlers or pilgrims.

3. This happy and joyful Thanksgiving Pictures 2019 marks the autumn harvest.


4. However, the essence of the celebration is to pay tribute and show gratitude to the omnipotent, as family gatherings are the charm of Thanksgiving Images 2019 for free download.

5. Thanksgiving 2019 is underway.

6. Thanksgiving is not only for Europeans or Americans, people who celebrate with enthusiasm and fun can celebrate this occasion, but the Chinese also celebrate the holiday as their lunar festival of many years.

7. The people of Canada also celebrate a weekend of Thanksgiving for three days in 2019, but the exaggeration and the uproar do not coincide with those of the United States.


8. The Holiday Spot is pleased to present facts related to the Thanksgiving celebrations.

9. These facts and trivia about Happy Thanksgiving Pictures will not only improve your knowledge, but also allow you to share them with everyone who wants to enjoy the Day with more zeal and fun Downloading Happy Thanksgiving 2019 HD Images and Wallpapers.

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