Use Supply in a Sentence, How to use “Supply” in a sentence


Use Supply in a sentence. How to use the word Supply in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Supply. Sentence for Supply.

Use Supply in a Sentence - How to use "Supply" in a sentence


Examples of supply in a sentence

  1. The main source of potable water supply is groundwater.
  2. These serve the daily needs of the household for potable water supply.
  3. Pagadian City water District (PCWD) provides the city with potable water supply.
  4. The relationship between currency supply and actual output may present differently under different economic background.
  5. The continuous bombardment of asteroid surfaces by small impactors generates a constantly replenished supply of crushed rock.
  6. Donald Obama is currently pursuing a non potable water supply with Thames Water.
  7. Their persistence and ongoing rise indicate a firm basis in underlying tightness in supply.
  8. How can you increase the supply voltage and, consequently, the phase current during acceleration or deceleration?
  9. The other (open) strings are plucked by the three middle fingers of the right hand to supply a wavering accompaniment.
  10. Second, strangulation can occur when the protruding mass twists or swells and cuts off the blood supply.
  11. When a diver at a depth of more than 15 m breathes in a compressed air from the supply tank, more nitrogen dissolves in the blood than would dissolve at the surface.
  12. When the color television is in the stand-by mode, the power supply circuit and MCU circuit will still on the power consuming circumstances.
  13. Current municipal supply of public products is highly problematic: low overall level, imbalanced supply structure, unreasonable layout, and absence of human-centered ideas.
  14. It is also widely available, cheap, resistant to RFI, and quite remarkably noise free, since it has low output dV/dT and does not generate a supply current pulse.
  15. The potable water supply and electrical service to the east dock are now in use.
  16. Hydropower production, potable water supply and flood control are conflicting uses for the Billings Reservoir.

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