Use Something in a Sentence, Understanding the Significance of “Something” in English Language Usage


Explore the multifaceted usage and rules of “something” in English language. Learn how to effectively incorporate “something” in your sentences with 20 sample examples.

Something in a Sentence

Definition of Something

“Something” is a pronoun that refers to an unspecified or unidentified object, thing, or matter. It is a word used when one wants to refer to an entity or concept without providing specific details or when the speaker is unsure or does not have a particular item in mind. “Something” can be used in various contexts to indicate a general or vague notion without specifying a particular thing. It is often employed when the exact identity or nature of the object being referred to is not essential to the conversation or when the speaker wishes to maintain a sense of ambiguity.

How is “Something” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Something”?

“Something” is a versatile word used in English in several ways. Here are the main rules and patterns of its usage:

  1. Indefinite pronoun: “Something” is commonly used as an indefinite pronoun to refer to an unspecified object, thing, or idea. It can function as the subject or object of a sentence:
    • Subject: “Something is bothering me.”
    • Object: “I need something to eat.”
  2. Affirmative statements: “Something” is often used in affirmative statements to express the existence or occurrence of an unspecified thing or event:
    • “There’s something strange about that house.”
    • “I have something important to tell you.”
  3. Interrogative statements: “Something” can be used in questions to ask about an unspecified thing or request information:
    • “Is there something you want to say?”
    • “Did something happen while I was away?”
  4. Conditional statements: “Something” can be used in conditional sentences to express a hypothetical or possible situation:
    • “If you find something interesting, let me know.”
    • “Something may happen if we don’t act soon.”
  5. Expressing uncertainty: “Something” can be used to convey uncertainty or vagueness when the speaker cannot provide specific details:
    • “There’s something I can’t quite remember.”
    • “I feel like something is missing, but I’m not sure what.”
  6. Idiomatic expressions: “Something” is also used in various idiomatic expressions and collocations, such as “something is up” (indicating that something unusual or suspicious is happening) or “something else” (referring to an exceptional or extraordinary thing or person).

It’s important to note that “something” is an indefinite pronoun and should not be used when referring to a specific known object or when the noun being referred to is already mentioned or defined. In such cases, a specific noun or pronoun should be used instead.


How to use the word Something in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences demonstrating the use of the word “something”:

  1. I have something important to discuss with you.
  2. Could you please bring me something to drink?
  3. Something strange happened on my way to work this morning.
  4. There’s something about her smile that lights up the room.
  5. I need to find something to wear for the party tonight.
  6. I think there’s something wrong with my car; it’s making a strange noise.
  7. Can you keep an eye on my bag? I think I left something valuable inside.
  8. Let’s do something fun this weekend, like going to a movie or taking a hike.
  9. Something smells delicious! Did you bake a cake?
  10. I have a feeling that something good is going to happen today.
  11. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something familiar about this place.
  12. We should try something new for dinner instead of ordering the same old food.
  13. I heard a noise outside. There might be something in the bushes.
  14. She whispered something in my ear, but I couldn’t hear what she said.
  15. Something caught my attention while I was reading that book.
  16. We should go on a road trip and explore something different.
  17. He’s hiding something from us; I can tell by the way he’s acting.
  18. Let’s meet up and talk about something important.
  19. I’ve been craving something sweet, like chocolate or ice cream.
  20. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.

These examples demonstrate different ways “something” can be used in sentences, ranging from expressing an idea or concept to referring to an unspecified object, event, or feeling.

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