Use Resinous in a Sentence and How is “Resinous” used in English?


Use Resinous in a sentence. How to use the word Resinous in a sentence? How is “Resinous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Resinous”? Sentence for Resinous.

Use Resinous in a Sentence - How to use "Resinous" in a sentence

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How is “Resinous” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Resinous”?

Resinous” is an adjective used to describe something that is related to, or has the characteristics of resin. Resin is a sticky, organic substance produced by plants and some insects that can be used for various purposes, including as a glue or varnish. The rules of use of “resinous” in English are:

  1. It is usually used to describe the texture or appearance of a material that is similar to resin, e.g. “The sap was resinous and sticky.
  2. It can also be used to describe a scent that is reminiscent of resin, e.g. “The room had a resinous smell of pine.
  3. In botany, “resinous” can describe the production of resin by a plant, e.g. “The coniferous tree was resinous, producing sap that hardened into resin.

It’s important to note that “resinous” is not commonly used in everyday conversation and is generally found in specialized or technical contexts.

Examples of Resinous in a sentence

Here are 20 examples of using the word “resinous” in a sentence:

  1. The pinecone was covered in a thick, resinous sap that glistened in the sun.
  2. The smell of fresh resin was strong and resinous, making it hard to breathe.
  3. The skier’s skis glided smoothly over the resinous surface of the snow.
  4. The resinous finish on the wooden table made it impervious to water damage.
  5. The balsam tree was known for its resinous sap, which was used in traditional medicines.
  6. The climber’s hands were covered in resinous pitch from the trees, making it hard to grip.
  7. The kitchen counter was wiped clean of any resinous residue left behind by the cooking oils.
  8. The delicate flowers were preserved in a resinous solution, creating a unique and beautiful decoration.
  9. The floorboards creaked under the weight of the furniture, which was coated in a resinous varnish.
  10. The bee was collecting resinous sap from the coniferous trees to make honey.
  11. The artist applied a resinous coating to the canvas, creating a smooth and uniform surface for painting.
  12. The guitarist’s fingers were sticky from the resinous rosin used on their strings.
  13. The carpenter worked with resinous materials to create a beautiful and durable piece of furniture.
  14. The fisherman used a resinous mixture to mend his broken fishing line.
  15. The sculptor molded the clay with resinous tools, creating intricate details on the surface.
  16. The chef used resinous herbs and spices to add flavor to the dishes they prepared.
  17. The hiker’s shoes became coated in resinous mud, making it hard to walk on the trail.
  18. The garden was full of resinous flowers and shrubs, which attracted many types of insects.
  19. The glassmaker used a resinous solution to strengthen the delicate glass structures they created.
  20. The craftsperson applied a resinous sealant to protect the wood from moisture damage.


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