Use Realistic in a Sentence, How to use “Realistic” in a sentence


Use Realistic in a sentence. How to use the word Realistic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Realistic. Sentence for Realistic.

Use Realistic in a Sentence - How to use "Realistic" in a sentence

Examples of realistic in a sentence

  1. The most convincing, credible and realistic stories have included both.
  2. This development suggests an interesting possible origin of the realistic romance.
  3. When this point had been reached the realistic romance would have made its appearance.
  4. We have been thinking of the realistic novel as being made up of a series of Milesian tales.
  5. Tristan Corbière; (1845-1875), French poet, whose personal, realistic works pointed toward the later symbolist and surrealist movements.
  6. We have to look up and nobody doubts that the team will try, I think of Europe, but being realistic,” Darder confessed after the meeting in Montilivi.
  7. The far more realistic and historical sense of the Assyrians is stamped in their monuments and inscriptions.
  8. Contrasted with the very definite and realistic colouring of the passage quoted from the Book of Kings, they can hardly be considered the last words.
  9. An interesting illustration of the influence of Greek on the Latin of every-day life is furnished by the realistic novel which Petronius wrote in the middle of the first century of our era.
  10. The great realistic romance of Petronius of the first century of our era is without a legally recognized ancestor and has no direct descendant.
  11. But it seems possible to detect a satirical or a cynical purpose on the part of the author carried farther than is involved in the choice of his subject and the realistic presentation of his characters.
  12. Whichever of these two views is the correct one, the discovery of the Ninos romance fills in a gap in one theory of the origin of the realistic romance of Petronius, and with that we are here concerned.
  13. In this way it becomes a short realistic story of every-day people, involving frequently a love intrigue, and told in the iambic senarius, the simplest form of verse.

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