Use Properties in a Sentence, How to use “Properties” in a sentence


Use Properties in a sentence. How to use the word Properties in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Properties. Sentence for Properties.

Uses and Properties Of Sulfur

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Examples of Properties in a sentence

  1. And the bonding properties are influenced by the melting point and melting range.
  2. Design features properties of human language that distinguish it from any animal system of communication.
  3. Here the properties, physiological functions, preparation and application of stachyose are introduced.
  4. The Prefecture of the Holy See’s Economic Affairs coordinates the administration of the properties of the Holy See.
  5. These properties are considered especially suitable for the elderly.
  6. A company can make a package selling unwanted properties.
  7. Difference between solid and space and calculates solid properties without the need for additional information.
  8. On his return to New York, Wright established himself as a supplier of theatrical properties but by 1930 had turned to industrial design.
  9. Einsteinium is similar to the rare-earth element holmium in both atomic structure and chemical properties.
  10. However, each of these enemies have specific attacks and properties which the player must adapt to.
  11. Already there was widespread agreement that clozapine had exceptional properties, with some spectacular remissions even in long-term patients.
  12. Measured results for the tablets show that because of the role played by the polysilicon films, the turn-on properties of the thin emitter thyristors are not affected by the very thin emitter region.
  13. By the test study on the cement stabilized crushed rock adding water reducing agent, the properties of the material is shown, and the shrinkage is on the focus.
  14. Effects of shrinkage-reducing agent on the shrinkage and mechanical properties of cement-stabilized crushed rock base are analyzed through an experimental study by adding the agent to the base.
  15. The graft copolymer was a kind of thermoplastic elastomer with good mechanical properties when mass fraction of polystyrene macromer was about 40%.
  16. Cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing agents have excellent waterproofing properties and second infiltration resistance.


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