Use Privy in a Sentence – How to use “Privy” in a sentence


Use Privy in a sentence. How to use the word Privy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Privy. Sentence for Privy.

Use Privy in a Sentence - How to use "Privy" in a sentence


Examples of Privy in a sentence

  1. She was examined by Mary’s privy council.
  2. Several of the members of Mary’s privy council repaired immediately to Hatfield.
  3. The NSEL Investors’ Action Group has alleged that high-profile brokers involved in NSEL scam worth Rs 5,600 crore have been privy to the scam.
  4. I give you this charge that you shall be of my privy council, and content yourself to take pains for me and my realm.
  5. Nero determined to consider this as proof that Seneca was privy to the conspiracy, and that he secretly abetted it.
  6. Bothwell failed to furnish this evidence, saying that the queen was really privy to, and in favor of the plan, but that it was not to be expected that she would commit herself to it in writing.
  7. Between the privy and the cider apple tree, he’d cut an almost indiscernible clear field of fire.
  8. Her enemies maintain that she was privy to all the arrangements which had been made, and that she did not go into her own apartment below, knowing very well what was there.
  9. This board, in England, is called the Privy Council.
  10. He was now, he said, going to Susa, and he wished Histiæus to accompany him as his privy counselor and confidential friend.
  11. To be privy to something is to have knowledge of it.
  12. that odors are minimized both inside and outside the privy structure.
  13. The circumstances under which construction of a sanitary privy may be considered are few:
  14. Under no circumstances should a privy be located where it could create or maintain a condition which
    could result in or cause a potential health or safety hazard.
  15. Show the privy risers, number of seats, type of seat lids, and vault vent pipe.

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