Use Possibly in a Sentence, How to use “Possibly” in a sentence


How to use the word Possibly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Possibly.

Use Possibly in a Sentence - How to use "Possibly" in a sentence

Examples of Possibly in a sentence

  1. Diseases themselves are not inherited, but possibly a tendency or susceptibility to certain diseases can be transmitted.
  2. So, Microsoft is obviously worried about quality control, which means issues, possibly major ones, are inevitable.
  3. They don’t like fighting for their country but are willing to use turmoil in their host countries, you can see why their countries possibly let them go, first class trouble makers.
  4. Suddenly, your private pain must be discussed with partners, doctors and possibly friends and family.
  5. Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales, written around 1390, used the quaint “queynte”, possibly as a cheeky way of circumventing its growing naughtiness.
  6. So If I stayed in kuta I could still possibly have glassy conditions before breakfast?
  7. Either a Chris or possibly a Christian has been citing article from the Australian saying that Julia didn’t lie, whilst continually failing to refer to that piece of footage.
  8. I mean really, how could you possibly convince yourself otherwise?
  9. The fear of possibly disrupting this Goliath, and consequently endangering the State’s own benefits, should not be a reason for Peter O’Neill and his government to shy away from investigating the Tumbi Landslide.
  10. Closed or cut off lows may then move across southern Australia or intensify over the Tasman Sea, possibly causing prolonged heavy rain.
  11. You initially said “given this kind of inflationary perspective, it looks like you’ve not only reached that level, you’ve possibly surpassed it”.
  12. This Goa-style beach shack serves what is quite possibly the best food in all of Bangladesh.
  13. The NHL comes to its senses and considers modifications to revenue sharing, possibly with a SLIGHT decrease in the players’ share, and the cap stays about where it is and everything is good.
  14. I agree that he should be given less playing time and possibly removed from the starting lineup if this continues.

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