Use Ponderous in a Sentence, How to use “Ponderous” in a sentence


Use Ponderous in a sentence. How to use the word Ponderous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ponderous. Sentence for Ponderous.

Use Ponderous in a Sentence - How to use "Ponderous" in a sentence

Examples of ponderous in a sentence

  1. While working there he wrote his first stage work, The Merry Nibelungs (1904), a satirical treatment of the ponderous German legend of the Nibelungen.
  2. They are cut from flat-bars or plates of iron, almost red-hot, by a massive and ponderous engine carried by water.
  3. At length, however, he was struck in the thigh with a ponderous stone which one of the Greek warriors hurled at him,–a stone so heavy that two men of ordinary strength would have been required to lift it.
  4. “Why, when you are upon my knee, the earth, the ponderous earth, pulls you down hard and heavy upon it.”
  5. A lady, for example, in passing along the sidewalk of a great city comes to a place where workmen are raising an immense and ponderous iron safe, which, slowly rising, hangs suspended twenty feet above the walk.
  6. One would have thought that very excellent roads would have been necessary to have enabled them to draw the ponderous carts containing their dwellings and household goods.
  7. This chain was fastened to one end of one of the logs, which lay floating there, and then, by means of the machinery, it was drawn slowly up, bringing the ponderous log with it.
  8. The guide lifted up this door by means of a ponderous ring of rusty iron, and let Mr. George and the children look down.
  9. So they build a barricade across the great pier at which the ships lie, with ponderous gates, one large one for carts and carriages, and another smaller one for people on foot, opening through it, and no one is admitted without a ticket.
  10. The carriage passed through this court, and then, going under another arch between two ponderous iron gates, it came into another court, much larger than the first.


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