Use Police in a Sentence, How to use “Police” in a sentence


Use Police in a sentence. How to use the word Police in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Police.

Use Police in a Sentence - How to use "Police" in a sentence


Examples of Police in a sentence

  1. *** The police have registered the farm and the surrounding area.
  2. *** The nearby crowd threw forward and the police had to intervene.
  3. *** When the revolt broke out, the police were forced to intervene.
  4. *** It is not the task of the police to administer justice; that falls in the courts.
  5. *** In “Who Killed Palomino Molero?” We learn that the sentimental inclinations of a police officer may be distorting his assessment of the main suspects in the murder of a handsome young singer.
  6. *** He has admitted cheating the police on his movements on the night of the murder.
  7. *** The police say that a warning was deliberately misleading.
  8. *** Police say they recovered a shotgun and a .22-caliber rifle with a telescopic sight. Bird had a license to own such firearms.
  9. *** The affiliate of CNN KTRK has the video of the surveillance camera of the police department of La Marque.
  10. *** The police, probation and penitentiary services have the information that families need, and they usually have the opportunity to impart it.
  11. *** Your house next to the police station.
  12. *** The police officers investigating the murder were among the congregation today.
  13. *** The “tiger” hid in a bush, but was captured by police and zoo staff, who pretended to anesthetize him.
  14. *** In Kwangju, one protester received an almost fatal beating by the police in an incident that served to give a new impetus to the protests.
  15. *** This impetus originated mainly from two sources mentioned above: the immediate family of the user and the police.
  16. *** He became a socialist in 1895 and was repeatedly arrested and exiled by the czarist police.
  17. *** This enigmatic, forceful man held a number of important posts in the new Communist regime, but his name is usually associated with the founding of the secret police (Cheka, or OGPU after 1922), which he headed from December 1917 until his death.

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