Use Plumage in a Sentence, How to use “Plumage” in a sentence


Use Plumage in a sentence. How to use the word Plumage in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Plumage. Sentence for Plumage.

Use Plumage in a Sentence - How to use "Plumage" in a sentence


Examples of Plumage in a sentence

  1. They have red or red-and-yellow beaks and dark-brown plumage, lighter below.
  2. This is peculiarly true when the spring and autumn plumage are different, as in the case of bobolinks, that now are flitting southward as yellow-brown reed-birds.
  3. Suddenly a harsh scream sounded a little way to the right, and a peacock, with flaunting plumage, marched across the lawn, through the sunlight and shadow.
  4. There were ponds, with a quantity of birds of the gayest plumage sailing upon them; and green slopes, with goats, or deer, or sheep, of the most extraordinary forms and colors, grazing in them.
  5. Avian plumage has long been used to test theories of sexual selection, with humans assessing the colors.
  6. In reply the radical author Tom Paine complained that Burke pitied the plumage, but forgot the dying bird.
  7. Concordant evolution of plumage colour, feather microstructure and a melanocortin receptor gene between mainland and island populations of a fairy-wren.
  8. In birds, the evolution of increasingly complex and colorful plumage may promote speciation by introducing prezygotic mating barriers.
  9. Plumage pigment abnormalities in wild birds are changes in feather colour that can result from a variety of causes.
  10. Body mass and acquisition of breeding plumage of wintering Calidris pusilla (Linnaeus) (Aves, Scolopacidae) in the coast of Pernambuco, north-eastern Brazil.
  11. Many of the adults have beautiful green faces and they all had fresh breeding plumage.
  12. In spring ducks require their colourful plumage to attract a mate during the breeding season.
  13. Many birds with colored dorsal plumage have white underparts and among waterbirds extensive white plumage is common.
  14. Under a full moon, the birds’ plumage triggers their prey to freeze for a longer time, making it easier to catch, new research suggests.

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