Use Period in a Sentence – How to use “Period” in a sentence


Use Period in a sentence. How to use the word Period in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Period. Sentence for Period.

Use Period in a Sentence - How to use "Period" in a sentence

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Examples of Period in a sentence

  1. Within a period of six months, the counselors reduced the level of their risk behavior by 50% compared to the others.
  2. Small doses of arsenic taken into the body over a long period produce irritation of nerve endings.
  3. The primary coverage of integral calculus includes: definite integral, indefinite period classification.
  4. The incubation period is 7 to 14 days, and the disease is usually over in 10 tol4 days.
  5. Already in the period of the Warring States of spring and autumn, the great ideologue and educator Confucius defended goodness and filial piety.
  6. Predict the validity period of the vaccine by the 95% confidence interval of its relative potency.
  7. The Nizan writings of this period are charged with the destructive dynamism of the newly converted.
  8. She continued with her education after a long period of illness.
  9. After a laundering period, patients went to an alternative treatment.
  10. Pan-Arabism sprang up in the ruling period of the Ottoman Empire. Its basic claim is that the Arabs are a national community with the aim of establishing a united and independent Arab country.
  11. Lydia was resigning herself to a long period of celibacy.
  12. Long a haven for religious dissenters during the proprietary period (from 1663), North Carolina developed two distinct factions, a Church of England party and a Dissenter party (principally Quakers).
  13. From 1863 to 1870 he conducted the court balls in Vienna and during this period composed many of his greatest waltzes, including Morning Papers, The Blue Danube, Artist’s Life, Tales from the Vienna Woods, and Wine, Women and Song.
  14. The recovery period is especially significant.
  15. The private medical schools charged on an average, $54,877 per annum during the same period.
  16. The average pledge per backer was $204 and the crowdfunding period only lasted for 59 days.


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