Egyptian God Amun Facts, Story and History


Who is Amun? The Myth, story, history of Amun the Egyptian God. Information about the Gods of ancient Egypt.

An Egyptian ram-headed god, often shown as a bearded man wearing a cap with two tall plumes. The era of this Theban sky god’s greatest ascendancy occurred in the sixteenth century BC when the Egyptians expelled the Hyksos invaders and extended the imperial frontiers into Canaan. Rivalry with Re was eliminated by the association of Amun with Re as Amon-Re, except during the reign of Akhenaton. As a dynastic guardian, Amon-Re was ‘king of the gods’, incarnate in the ruling pharaoh, and out of the tribute of Asia great temples were built for his worship at Luxor and Karnak.

Egyptian God Amun Facts - Story and History

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Amun was looked upon as one of the creators of the universe and in prayers devotees besought his known gerıerosiry. To the Greeks he was Ammon, identified with Zeus, and famous for his orade at Siwa in Libya. Herodotus was told by ‘the priests of Thebes that two of their priestesses had been abducted by Phoenicians, whosaid one inLibya, and the other in Greece. These women, they said, were the founders of divination in those two countries, setting up there the original orades.’

Sangarius, in the reeds of which she discovered her youthful lover. Cybele equates with Inanna, Attis with Tammuz. She was attended by lions, and the castration, death, and rebirth of her consort, usually shown as an effeminate youth, wasrecalled in an annual ceremony full of blood letting. Rams were sacrificed, their blood used for baptism; initiates unmanned themselves, and her eunuch priests cut their own flesh in a frenzy. At Rame, where the ‘mystery’ cult was introduced in 205 BC, we know that the pine was connected with Attis, whose effigy wore grave linen. Just as the gad die d and was restored to life again, so the initiate, in union with him, entered a state of blessedness which was thought to endure beyand the grave. Union was achieved through either self-mutilation or a sacred marriage: to all devotees was open what had once beerı the prerogative of West Asian kingship.


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