Use Painful in a Sentence – How to use “Painful” in a sentence


Use Painful in a sentence. How to use the word Painful in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Painful. Sentence for Painful.

Use Painful in a Sentence - How to use "Painful" in a sentence

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Examples of Painful in a sentence

  1. As painful as it is, we’re gone stand stronger.
  2. Every moment of pleasure missed was painful to her.
  3. Carbamazepine is also useful in some painful diabetic neuropathies.
  4. I pray to God to ease your pain and give you strength to face this painful time.
  5. Her whole body was covered from head to toe in painful red spots.
  6. The effort was exceedingly painful and exhausting, and brought me great suffering for a week afterward.
  7. He knew how desperately painful were operations for the setting of fractured bones, and how great was the skill required for the administering of an anæsthetic.
  8. Then call him out into the floor, inflict painful punishment, and send him smarting to his seat, with his heart full of anger and revenge, to plot some new and less dangerous scheme of annoyance.
  9. Awing the pupils, by showing them the painful consequences of doing wrong, should be very seldom resorted to.
  10. “I am very glad to see so large a number,” said the teacher; “and I hope you will find that the work of confessing and forsaking your faults is, on the whole, pleasant, not painful business.
  11. Then I saw that instead of stalking Colonel Hetherill, he had stalked me, the stalker was stalked, and I recognized in it a fact as painful as it was alarming.
  12. They were mostly personal letters, and while I went on, carefully filing them, I thought how absurd it was of people to preserve so many papers that were entirely without value. Mr. Vanderbridge I had imagined to be a methodical man, and yet the disorder of the desk produced a painful effect on my systematic temperament.


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