Use Out Of in a Sentence, How to use “Out Of” in a sentence


Use out of in a sentence. How to use the word out of in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word out of.

Use Out Of in a Sentence - How to use "Out Of" in a sentence


Examples of out of in a sentence

  1. Indoors it needs a very bright and cool place, but it should be kept out of direct sun.
  2. The soldiers had to take the cargo trucks out of the snow.
  3. So I decided to stay out of the skates for a while.
  4. Jackson decides that Dmitri must be pulled out of his agony.
  5. At first they decided that nobody would drink out of respect.
  6. Out of space, and I just started.
  7. It is inevitable that it is a boring party, let’s try to get out of it.
  8. To help you get out of the red list, you can call a qualified public accountant for between £ 50 and £ 60 per hour.
  9. One creation myth relates that Amotken made five young women out of five hairs taken from bis head.
  10. I was forced to do so out of absolute necessity.
  11. A rat took the egg while the mother was out of the nest.
  12. A spider had woven a perfect net out of the window.
  13. This ambitious and cumbersome attraction was totally out of place with the atmosphere of Niagara, but Barnett persisted.
  14. A flight of green parrots shot out of the cedar forest.
  15. He declared them educable, took them out of their own homes and hospitals and brought them to school full-time.
  16. Beer comes out of the barrel under pressure.
  17. Draft beer is pumped out of the barrel under pressure.
  18. The spinach was in his mouth when a terrible sound came out of his throat the squawk of nausea.
  19. Sounds, small and unintelligible sounds, came out of her mouth as she arched towards him.
  20. If you have to buy a customer with a fancy entertainment, you can also buy your way out of each problem.
  21. I took the children to the zoo and they took me out of my legs.

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