Use Omnivorously in a Sentence, How to use “Omnivorously” in a sentence


Use Omnivorously in a sentence. How to use the word Omnivorously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Omnivorously. Sentence for Omnivorously.

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Examples of Omnivorously in a sentence

  1. He was omnivorously curious and inquiring.
  2. The omnivorously resourceful Frisell offers three compositions.
  3. I’ve been writing about food more or less omnivorously one might say indiscriminately for about 30 years.
  4. Below is the list of synonyms for omnivorously.
  5. Though he played mostly band music, he listened omnivorously to all types of jazz and pop on the radio.
  6. I am still a learner, not a teacher, feeding somewhat omnivorously, browsing both stalk and leaves…
  7. Harry was always curious—charmingly curious, omnivorously curious, demandingly curious, and, to the people who worked for him, sometimes exhaustingly curious: curious about politics, curious about writing, curious about love, curious about the world.
  8. He uses this structure to extraordinary effect, coming at photography omnivorously, searching for bizarre moments, and embellishing them in pre and post-production.

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