Use Misleading in a Sentence, How to use “Misleading” in a sentence


Use Misleading in a sentence. How to use the word Misleading in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Misleading.

Use Misleading in a Sentence - How to use "Misleading" in a sentence


Examples of Misleading in a sentence

  1. Thus the word “African” is misleading if it suggests much more than that the person called African identifies himself with that continent rather than with another.
  2. The article was misleading, and the newspaper apologized.
  3. Some of these statements are misleading and some frankly false.
  4. Some of the information was dangerously misleading.
  5. It would be misleading to say that we are friends.
  6. Statistical graphs can be inaccurate and misleading.
  7. Diplomats can be a source of information that is notoriously unreliable and misleading.
  8. It would be very misleading to suggest that television has no effect on children.
  9. Predictions about the economy are often misleading.
  10. The repertoire of Erato’s ensemble, composed mainly of Mravinsky’s favorites, can also give a misleading impression.
  11. His statement was deliberately misleading.
  12. The government is cracking down on misleading food labeling.
  13. The information is inadequate, if not misleading.
  14. The misleading report veiled the facts.
  15. The brochure was extremely misleading about the cost of vacations.
  16. Ads should not create a misleading impression.
  17. The article contains several misleading statements.
  18. These statistics are misleading.
  19. Such an argument is misleading, if not completely false.
  20. Your statement is misleading.
  21. Many critics consider this argument to be dubious or, at best, misleading.
  22. I have the impression that the author has reluctantly updated his work and that part of his text is misleading.
  23. Critics of that position say that anything less than complete disclosure is often misleading and sometimes dangerous.
  24. As with the highly misleading phrase of the Stavrogin Confession, critics and commentators behave as if they had grouped together.
  25. You can initiate a process by a court order of the High Court to stop the publication of a misleading advertisement.
  26. Therefore, class analyzes that exclude them produce a misleading picture of inequalities in children’s health.
  27. Too much emphasis on finding the ratio decidendi of cases can be misleading.

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