Use Main in a Sentence, How to use “Main” in a sentence


How to use the word Main in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Main.

Use Main in a Sentence - How to use "Main" in a sentence


Examples of Main in a sentence

  1. An awareness of the utter isolation of man, a feeling of guilt, and belief in the absolute are the main impulses of his creative work.
  2. The main flavor compound, 2 Acetyl 1 pyrroline, was determined quantitatively.
  3. Consequently, the inferences made about the main sources of morbidity in later life extracted from the mortality data will be misleading.
  4. Ashamed of this question, I replied that laziness was my main temptation.
  5. There are four main objectives of a zoo.
  6. Your articles provided the main impetus for the change.
  7. Press criticism has been the main impetus behind government reforms.
  8. The two main islands—Great Abaco (about 100 miles long) and Little Abaco (about 30) to the north-west—are separated by a narrow channel.
  9. The main operations consist of research, development, and testing of arms, ammunition, tanks, and transport vehicles.
  10. EXAMPLE: the main rival of our company tried to buy all available shares of shares in circulation that we did not have the owners so that, as a black knight, he could take control of our business.
  11. In the absence of his main buddy in the outside game, La Barba threw the team behind him and on December 12, with 50 points against the Lakers, he started what was going to be a historic streak of 32 straight games scoring 30 or more points, than never seen in the NBA since the 65-game starring Wilt Chamberlain that 1961-62 season in which he ended up averaging 50.4 points per game.
  12. Then he will choose his main course between two hot options.
  13. During this time they also completed a compulsory course “vorkurs”, later known as the “Bauhaus Method”, created by the architect Johannes Itten, where the main visual components in texture, color, shape, contour and materials were investigated.

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