Use Insists in a Sentence and How to use “Insists” in a sentence


Use Insists in a sentence. How to use the word Insists in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Insists. Sentence for Insists.

Insists in a Sentence
Definition of Insists

Insist means to demand or assert something firmly or persistently. It implies a strong determination to have one’s way or to make a point, and can be used to indicate that someone is being stubborn or refusing to back down. For example, someone might insist that they are right, or that a certain course of action should be taken. It can also be used to indicate that someone is strongly urging or advocating for something, even if it is not strictly necessary.

Examples of Insists in a sentence

  1. He insists on going to the party despite my protests.
  2. She insists on paying for dinner, despite my offer to split the bill.
  3. He insists that the project be completed by the end of the week.
  4. She insists that the meeting be moved to a different location.
  5. He insists on taking the most difficult route, even though there is an easier one available.
  6. She insists on buying the most expensive car, despite my objections.
  7. He insists that the company should invest in new technology.
  8. She insists on speaking to the manager about the poor service.
  9. He insists that the report should be submitted by the end of the day.
  10. She insists that the dress should be returned, as it doesn’t fit her properly.
  11. He insists on leaving early, despite my pleas to stay.
  12. She insists that the play should be rehearsed one more time before opening night.
  13. He insists on taking the lead role, even though he has no experience.
  14. She insists that the proposal should be revised before it is presented to the client.
  15. He insists on going to the concert, even though he has a test the next day.
  16. She insists that the wedding be held at a specific venue, despite the high cost.
  17. He insists that the meeting should be rescheduled for a different time.
  18. She insists on ordering the most expensive dish on the menu.
  19. He insists on going to the gym every day, despite his busy schedule.
  20. She insists on taking a long walk every morning, despite the cold weather.
  21. He insists that the company should adopt new policies to protect the environment.
  22. She insists on buying organic produce, despite the higher cost.
  23. He insists on taking a gap year before starting college.
  24. She insists that the vacation should be planned to her exact specifications.
  25. He insists on playing the most challenging pieces, despite his lack of skill.

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