Michelozzo Biography (Italian Architect, Sculptor, and Goldsmith)


Who is Michelozzo? Information on Italian architect, sculptor, and goldsmith Michelozzo biography, life story and works.

Michelozzo (Italian Architect, Sculptor, and Goldsmith)

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Michelozzo; Italian architect, sculptor, and goldsmith: b. Florence, Italy, probably in 1396; buried there, Oct. 7, 1472. He studied sculpture under Donatello and architecture under Brunelleschi, and was a protégé of Cosimo de’ Medici. As a sculptor, he worked in silver, bronze, and marble. His known statues include one of St. John, in silver, in the Duomo, Florence, and another of that saint, in bronze, at the Bargello. Much of his sculpture however was executed in collaboration with Donatello and is difficult to identify.

Michelozzo’s fame rests principally upon his achievements in architecture, his name ranking among the foremost of the famous Florentine architects of the 15th century. He designed the library of San Giorgio Maggiore at Venice, as well as other buildings there, during the period when he shared the exile of his patron, Cosimo de’ Medici (c. 1433). He designed the Riccardi Palace in Florence for the Medici (c. 1444) and repaired and partially rebuilt the Palazzo Vecchio, which was falling to ruin. He also undertook the repairs and remodeling of the monastery of San Marco at Florence. He designed the Medici summer villa at Careggi, the Medici palace at Fiesole, and many other buildings. His mature style is notable for its successful combination of early Italian Gothic and classical elements, without sacrifice of dignity or unity of eflect.

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