Use Individual in a Sentence

Use Individual in a sentence. How to use the word Individual in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Individual.

Definition of Individual

Examples of Individual in a sentence

*** Expressed in terms of individual psychology, the danger was the dissolution of the painfully acquired superego and the corresponding regression in the ego.

*** Love is absolute But the conception of love varies with the individual conscience.

*** The documents included allegedly misleading sales material and records of individual customer files.

*** Other individual lessons include piano, violin, viola, flute, piano and voice accompaniment.

*** Melody and accompaniment can express the general atmosphere of the poem, but they can not underline the importance of individual words.

*** An often cited advantage is the choice of courses offered by private institutions and the individual attention that teachers provide to students.

*** Analyzes of aggregate and individual data were carried out to evaluate the relative importance of working memory and sensorimotor speed in the differences of adult age in mental subtraction.

*** For many people, such arrangements were supposed to mean that each individual congregation would no longer have uninhibited control over their property!

*** In the Vologsky squad, each individual pilot had to make that flight every twelve days in the broken system.

*** This impetus, in turn, gives social theory new insights into how individual individuals negotiate larger social structures.

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