Use Include in a Sentence, How to use “Include” in a sentence


Use Include in a sentence. How to use the word Include in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Include. Sentence for Include.

Use Include in a Sentence - How to use "Include" in a sentence


Examples of include in a sentence

  1. Hardy’s works include tragedies, tragi-comedies, pastorals, and mythologieal plays.
  2. The trees here include silver birch, yew and holly.
  3. Symptoms may also include flatulence and nausea.
  4. Minor toxicities of this medication include nausea and vomiting.
  5. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and watery diarrhea.
  6. Mainly introduces the theoretical foundations of the decimalization of euthanasia that include ethical and criminal bases.
  7. *** Responsibilities include ad-related word campaigns, membership campaigns, backlinks, social bookmarking.
  8. *** Other technical words include caliber, caliber, aniline, marcasite, and camphor.
  9. *** Examples of this construction include poplin, faille, bengaline and ottoman.
  10. *** Notable exceptions include the zigzag, which first appeared in Provence and is relatively late, and was released around 20,000 years ago.
  11. *** They have a variety of interesting reception options that include snacks at the famous London Zoo Aquarium.
  12. *** Gourgaud’s writings include Napoléon et la Grande Armée en Russie (1824).
  13. *** Encumbrances include such rights or limitations as liens, easements, restrictive covenants, mortgages, real estate taxes, and leases.
  14. *** His books include The A Becketts of “Punch” (1903) and Recollections of a Humourist (1907).
  15. *** Literary figures who are said to have been captivated by her beauty and uninhibited personality include Whitman, Dickens, Swinburne, George Sand, and the elder Dumas.
  16. *** Most of his works include horses, as for example, the Halt of a Hunting Party and the Cavalry Camp.
  17. *** The installation’s facilities include a supersonic wind tunnel, scientific laboratories, firing ranges, and courses for testing combat vehicles.
  18. *** The people who affect his life include Mentor Graham, the New Salem schoolmaster; Ann Rutledge, Lincoln’s early love; William Herndon, his law clerk; Ninian Edwards, his brother-in-law; Mary Todd Lincoln, his wife; and Seth Gale, a friend whose difficulties in reaching Oregon symbolize for Lincoln the problems facing the nation.

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