Use Fortune in a Sentence, How to use “Fortune” in a sentence


Use Fortune in a sentence. How to use the word Fortune in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Fortune. Sentence for Fortune.

Fortune in a sentence


Examples of fortune in a sentence

  1. A great fortune.
  2. He must make a fortune from his profession.
  3. An energetic and resourceful man, Fargo amassed a large fortune.
  4. He amassed a fortune in stock trading during the last boom.
  5. Fortune attends the enterprising and enduring prince, and he who keeps his counsels secret will extend his power over the whole earth.
  6. While serving in Kentucky’s legislature (1827-1840), Guthrie accumulated a large fortune from ventures in real estate, railroad promotion, macadam road building, and banking.
  7. An educator from Floyds Knobs, Indiana told Fortune that $ 6.5 million had been cut from the general fund of his school district.
  8. In the 15th century, they seem to have become garbage dumps for unwanted, untouchable or problematic women of little fortune.
  9. While working to earn the trust of Cobb, the fortune-hunting captain of Scurvy Mistress, Fish discovers a riot led by a nasty pirate named Scab.
  10. These ideas gave people a use as a reference on how to manage the country and promote social harmony, their lucrative ideas became the eternal human fortune.
  11. Part four: the wheel of Fortune euthanasia in China.
  12. His eldest son, Henry, llth Lord de Clifford (1493-1542), acquired both fortune and honor.
  13. Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
  14. May this New Year equip you with good luck, good health, good fortune and good times! Happy New Year!
  15. After a rule of 70 years, i.e. after a period of ten Sabbath-years (II. 219), this fortune will overtake the Babylonians–such is the view of Jeremiah.
  16. With feverish energy he went on more quickly, ‘You have in your possession,’ he said, ‘something for which I would give my whole fortune.’

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