Use Finally in a Sentence, How to use “Finally” in a sentence


Use finally in a sentence. Sentence for finally. How to use the word finally in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word finally. How to use “finally” with example sentences.

Use Finally in a Sentence - How to use "Finally" in a sentence


Examples of finally in a sentence

  1. The right hands have finally been found.
  2. He progressed from trade union official to local mayor, Liberal candidate and election agent, and finally in 1903 to Labour M. P. from Durham.
  3. Finally, a customized tailor-made garment system in a company is int …
  4. Finally, sentimental observers consider that job satisfaction is sufficient compensation for the lack of material rewards.
  5. Finally the belt is hooked on the Doom Diver Catapult and it prepares for a sudden acceleration.
  6. They finally straggled into Astoria in 1812 after great hardships, which are described in Washington Irving’s Astoria (1836).
  7. This crystal was finally picked up by geologists, who could not classify it.
  8. The financial strains of the Dutch war finally induced the Spanish to propose an armistice, and Spinola and Maurice concluded a 12-year truce in 1609.
  9. Finally, let me insert as the keystone of all that I have been saying in this chapter, be sincere, and ardent, and consistent in your own piety.
  10. After trying in vain on all sides to escape, by forcing his way, and finding that the box is too strong for him in every part, he finally concludes to gnaw out.
  11. They walked up the bank, and finally emerging from the wood at the place where they had entered it, they went toward home.
  12. He finally concluded to undertake the work.
  13. It was finally decided that Stuyvesant should go alone.
  14. It slackened its speed as it advanced, and finally stopped opposite to the platform on which Stuyvesant was standing.
  15. In this disguise he succeeded in making acquaintance with Europa, and finally persuaded her to elope with him.
  16. Their landing finally in the dominions of Latinus in Italy, was not, they confessed, wholly undesigned, for Latium had been divinely indicated to them, on their way, as the place destined by the decrees of heaven for their final home.

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