Use Final in a Sentence

Use Final in a sentence. How to use the word Final in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Final.

Definition of Final

Examples of Final in a sentence

*** A final method of contacting Members’ at their personal e-mail address occurs when a Member chooses to provide that address on his or her Profile.

*** The exam leading to the Certificate is accredited as a specific module of the new Final Diploma of the Institute.

*** Cemal SA─×LAM is the author par excellence; like Fellini, Hitchcock and Allen, his vision permeates all aspects of the final product and his style is unmistakable.

*** Even if it is a cartridge change, it can also affect the final output.

*** Stoke striker Wayne Biggins faced Halsall after the final whistle and the police were forced to intervene.

*** the crazy logic had reached the final apogee of the absurd, or perhaps not at all.

*** His disappointment at the World Championships provided the impetus needed to give everything for this final race.

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