Use Enlisted in a Sentence, How to use “Enlisted” in a sentence


Use Enlisted in a sentence. How to use the word Enlisted in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Enlisted. Sentence for Enlisted.

Use Enlisted in a Sentence - How to use "Enlisted" in a sentence

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Examples of Enlisted in a sentence

  1. He enlisted some of them in his army.
  2. His will, so far from being broken or weakened, is actually stiffened; but it is now enlisted on the side of authority.
  3. His mother, it is true, will not exactly have had her way; but she reckons that no loss, as her way was not her end; she will have enlisted his will.
  4. All I have heard is that one member of the family is now enlisted in the ministry.
  5. “I enlisted in his regiment in ’61,” replied Crothers, “and he’s still my commanding officer.
  6. He enlisted a great number of Protestant nobles with him, and they held deliberations, in which they formed plans for resisting it by force.
  7. They were lads that had been recently enlisted, and were now being trained to go to the war in the Crimea.
  8. They enlisted a corps of the most handsome and vigorous young men that could be obtained, and after giving them instructions, the nature of which will be learned by the result, they sent them forth to meet the Amazons.
  9. There were even a great many Greeks among his forces, many of them enlisted from the Greeks of Asia Minor.
  10. Some of the recruits thus enlisted snatched at the earliest opportunity of regaining their freedom: they fell in during the day, and at night they fled with their arms.
  11. He accordingly increased the equipment and the force of his fleet, enlisted more followers, and set sail across the northern part of the German Ocean toward the British shores.
  12. Some of them enlisted in the army, or even fled into the desert, but whenever they were found they were brought back to take up their positions again.


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