Use Doctor in a Sentence – How to use “Doctor” in a sentence


Use Doctor in a sentence. How to use the word Doctor in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Doctor. Sentence for Doctor.

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Examples of Doctor in a sentence

  1. When the doctor arrives, he may have the victim placed in an oxygen tent.
  2. The doctor will make certain that the throat is free of mucus and that the victim is receiving enough air.
  3. The doctor will support the action of the heart with drugs.
  4. The doctor may give antibiotics to prevent pneumonia, and blood transfusions may be required.
  5. Hundreds of deaths occur each year from cyanide poisoning and in most cases it is difficult for the doctor to determine just how much cyanide has been taken.
  6. The doctor may reopen the throat passage so that the person can breath and swallow by using a rubber eyeless catheter which is gradually increased in size.
  7. The doctor may also give sedatives to relieve pain and treat the local burns.
  8. The doctor may give BAL for several days.
  9. The doctor may control the convulsions with barbiturates and wash the stomach with potassium permanganate solution or tannic acid.
  10. A doctor entered almost immediately behind them.
  11. On Thursday, there was more drama in the preliminary hearing to decide whether Michael Jackson’s doctor should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter.
  12. A man who posed as a doctor castrated a transgendered woman at her request was ordered Monday to stand trial for aggravated assault.
  13. A preliminary hearing to determine whether Michael Jackson’s doctor should stand trial for manslaughter has opened in Los Angeles.
  14. She was overjoyed when the doctor told her that her newborn baby is healthy and normal.
  15. I made an appointment to see the doctor this morning.
  16. The doctor advised me to take a capsule this morning.
  17. They sent my blood samples to the lab this morning so I should hear from my doctor within a day or so.

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