Use Disastrously in a Sentence, How to use “Disastrously” in a sentence


Use Disastrously in a sentence. How to use the word Disastrously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Disastrously. Sentence for Disastrously.

Use Disastrously in a Sentence - How to use "Disastrously" in a sentence


Examples of Disastrously in a sentence

  1. Yahoo launches Axis ‘browser’ and fumbles it disastrously.
  2. Obama won only because Bush had failed so disastrously for 8 years.
  3. COVID-19 impact could be ‘disastrously high’ in poverty-stricken Malawi.
  4. Glass” has a disastrously bad premise, and barely enough incident for an hour-long pilot of a Netflix series, let alone a two-hour-long film.
  5.  Another Spanish painting gets a disastrously botched restoration.
  6. These cars were disastrously getting swept away during storm Dennis.
  7. How the end of the arms embargo disastrously splits Iranian terror, nukes.
  8. Police warn of ‘quick little hack’ that could effect you disastrously in the long run.
  9. Ted Cruz is betting Trump will lose disastrously in November and he can pick up the pieces.
  10. Vet fails disastrously to make celebration crossword clue?
  11. disastrously cultural country.
  12. Number 10’s response to coronavirus has been ‘disastrously wrong’, a government scientific adviser dramatically claimed today.
  13. This would normally be a recipe for a disastrously sentimental movie.
  14. Did one of your illusions ever go disastrously wrong?
  15. Democratic race starts disastrously as ‘inconsistencies’ delay Iowa results.
  16. Germany to miss climate targets ‘disastrously‘: leaked government paper.
  17. Asian temperatures could rise disastrously.
  18. First of all, it’s completely wrong statement that Six Sigma Processes get out of control ‘disastrously‘.
  19. This aviation expert says Boeing made ‘disastrously bad decision’ on training for 737 MAX.
  20. Scientists seek to know why usually benign algae bloomed so disastrously along Northwest coast.
  21. Donald Trump’s May fundraising totals are disastrously bad.
  22. Trump is floundering disastrously on multiple fronts.
  23. ‘Eat corn with a drill’ challenge turns out disastrously for young girl.
  24. Chris Christie flunks Scandal Response 101: Why he’s handling it disastrously.
  25. America is disastrously failing to educate internationally literate citizens

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