Use Disastrously in a Sentence and How is “Disastrously” used in English?


Use Disastrously in a sentence. How to use the word Disastrously in a sentence? How is “Disastrously” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Disastrously”? Sentence for Disastrously.

Use Disastrously in a Sentence - How to use "Disastrously" in a sentence

How is “Disastrously” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Disastrously”?

Disastrously” is an adverb used to describe something that has had disastrous consequences or results. For example, “The company performed disastrously in the quarter.” The rules for using “disastrously” are straightforward: it can be used to modify verbs (e.g. “The storm hit disastrously“) or adjectives (e.g. “The storm was disastrously powerful“). It is important to note that “disastrously” should only be used when referring to things that have had truly disastrous consequences or results, as it is a strong word.

Examples of Disastrously in a sentence

Here are 30 sample sentences using the word “disastrously“:

  1. The experiment ended disastrously with the explosion of the laboratory.
  2. The stock market crashed disastrously, wiping out millions of dollars in investments.
  3. The company’s new product launch was disastrously received by the market.
  4. The storm hit the coastal town disastrously, causing widespread damage.
  5. The bridge was designed disastrously, leading to its eventual collapse.
  6. The war ended disastrously for the losing side.
  7. The movie was marketed disastrously and received poor reviews.
  8. The football team performed disastrously in the championship game.
  9. The company’s reputation was damaged disastrously by the scandal.
  10. The company’s financial performance was disastrously affected by the recession.
  11. The politician’s speech was disastrously received by the audience.
  12. The space mission ended disastrously with the loss of the astronauts.
  13. The marriage was doomed from the start and ended disastrously in divorce.
  14. The restaurant’s food was disastrously undercooked, making customers ill.
  15. The construction project was managed disastrously, resulting in cost overruns.
  16. The economy was impacted disastrously by the global financial crisis.
  17. The company’s product was disastrously overpriced, leading to poor sales.
  18. The venture turned out disastrously for the investors.
  19. The country was devastated disastrously by the earthquake.
  20. The attempt to cross the desert was disastrously ill-advised.
  21. The technology was deployed disastrously, causing widespread disruption.
  22. The attempt to launch a new product line ended disastrously for the company.
  23. The basketball team performed disastrously in the playoffs.
  24. The company’s stock performed disastrously after the earnings report.
  25. The decision to cut costs was executed disastrously, resulting in a drop in quality.
  26. The government’s response to the crisis was criticized disastrously.
  27. The website launch was disastrously delayed, causing a loss of potential customers.
  28. The investment in the startup turned out disastrously, leading to a complete loss of funds.
  29. The experiment was disastrously flawed, leading to inaccurate results.
  30. The company’s attempt to enter the new market was disastrously unsuccessful.


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