Use Differences in a Sentence – How to use “Differences” in a sentence


Use Differences in a sentence. How to use the word Differences in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Differences. Sentence for Differences.

The Differences Between Ale and Lager Beer?

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Examples of differences in a sentence

  • “What are the differences?” asked Marco.
  • This difference is attributed mainly to differences in educational attainment.
  • Educational attainment and enrollment accounts for much of the differences in wages.
  • Obtaining high selectivity for the desired product was possible, however, due to differences in the activation barriers for the step following ylide formation.
  • There were significant differences between all age groups in the significance tests of the regression coefficient, except between the age groups 18-25 and 26-45 in women.
  • The routine staining method is based on differences in chromosome length and centromere site to distinguish aberration.
  • MethodsThe differences of AQP4 expression in olfaction system between wild-type and AQP4-null mice were studied by immunoblotting and immunofluorescence methods.
  • With the enhancement of drought stress intensity, the root system abundance of Tilia tomentosa was decreasing, but the differences among different treatments were not significant.
  • “And so you must remember,” he continued, “that there are two very remarkable differences between air and water.
  • To allow children some chance to settle their own differences is as certainly an act of discipline as it is to settle every difference for them.
  • This produces vast differences in the nature of the business, and in the whole state of society in the two regions.
  • These differences, notwithstanding all the exceptions and irregularities connected with them, are obviously, where they exist, deeply seated and permanent.
  • If it were possible for reason and reflection to control the impetuous impulses of youthful hearts, such differences of religious faith would be regarded, where they exist, as an insurmountable objection to a matrimonial union.
  • These differences were caused, indeed, in some degree, by the accidental circumstances on which the successive ruptures depended, but they were not entirely owing to that cause.


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