Use Convenient in a Sentence, How to use “Convenient” in a sentence


Use Convenient in a sentence. How to use the word Convenient in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Convenient. Sentence for Convenient.

Use Convenient in a Sentence - How to use "Convenient" in a sentence

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Examples of Convenient in a sentence

  1. It is very convenient for composition and testing.
  2. The children provided a convenient excuse for missing the party.
  3. One of these aspects is the location – it needs to be somewhere, which is convenient so that everybody can get to it.
  4. In some of the larger institutions of the country the teacher will have convenient apparatus at his disposal, and a room specially adapted to the purpose of experiments.
  5. It will be more convenient for me to talk with you about this tomorrow than tonight, if you are willing to wait.
  6. These examples show that the component-based method is intuitive, convenient, and the design results can be used efficiently, which is suitable for the design of fast-tailored online garments.
  7. It would be convenient to read and compare nutritional labels when buying pre-packaged snacks, especially the energy, fat and sugar content, because some nutritional claims can be misleading.
  8. A convenient and festive messianism, without strength or responsibility, is an absurdity, even Satanism (Mt 16, 23).
  9. You will get tired, I have no doubt; for the military position, though most convenient and easy in the end, is not to be learned and fixed in practice without effort.
  10. If she has a piece of waste paper to dispose of, she finds it much more convenient to tear it into small pieces and scatter it about her desk, than to put it in a proper place.
  11. With the storms over Brexit temporarily calmed by Johnson’s victory, but the underlying economic and social problems far from being resolved, royalty has become a convenient representative, allowing people to discuss race, class, gender and British identity, through the tribulations of a single crossed pair of stars.


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