Use Comedy in a Sentence, How to use “Comedy” in a sentence


Use Comedy in a sentence. How to use the word Comedy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Comedy. Sentence for Comedy.

Use Comedy in a Sentence - How to use "Comedy" in a sentence


Examples of comedy in a sentence

  1. Following it is the more extended narrative of the comedy itself, with its incidents and dialogue.
  2. Some words or constructions or phrases are to be found, for instance, only in comedy, satire, and the romance.
  3. The Auditorium receives this Saturday to Josema Yuste who, along with Ignacio Nacho and Santiago Urrialde, will star in the comedy Taxi.
  4. The place looks like a musical comedy version of a rustic prawn shack on the Gulf Coast.
  5. If Nivelle de la Chaussée was the great dramatist of sentimental comedy, then Denise Diderot was the great theorist.
  6. As Big showed, the strength of Penny Marshall is sentimental comedy.
  7. These moral essays promoted other theories in harmony with sentimental comedy.
  8. The same posture and gesticulation, typical of sentimental comedy, is found in The Conjuration of Venice.
  9. In general, the violations of the units in sentimental comedy are slight.
  10. Her Goums by Roberta (1933) provided the ma-terials for the musical comedy Roberta.
  11. Egyptian comedy movies have cracked up living rooms from Baghdad to Beirut for decades.
  12. Skin Of Our Teeth; a comedy by the American playwright Thornton Wilder, first produced in 1942, with Tallulah Bankhead, Florence Eidridge, and Fredric March in leading roles.
  13. The writer of comedy or farce, the humorist, and the man in the street do not feel the constraint which the canons of good usage put on the serious writer.
  14. The way also in which tragedy, comedy, lyric poetry, history, biography, and the other types of literature in prose and verse came into existence and developed among the Romans can be followed with reasonable success.
  15. To pass to another possibility, it is very tempting to see a connection between the _Satirae_ of Petronius and the prologue of comedy.


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