Use Carries in a Sentence, How to use “Carries” in a sentence


Use carries in a sentence. How to use the word carries in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word carries. How to use “carries” with example sentences

Use Carries in a Sentence - How to use "Carries" in a sentence


Examples of carries in a sentence

  1. He is an educator who carries cards.
  2. The crime carries a maximum sentence of imprisonment of ten years.
  3. The word sometimes carries an implication of the absence of human fault or negligence.
  4. Air swells when it is heated, and so becomes lighter, and rises; and the hot air from the top of the chimney carries the vapor up with it, no doubt.
  5. The happy life of the golden age only continues within certain limits, in the enclosure of Yima, where he carries on the blessed and immortal life with selected men, trees, animals, and food.
  6. When it is all ready, the man gets into the car, and then they let go the fastenings, and away the great bag goes, and carries the man with it, away up into the air.
  7. So that it is not strictly correct to say, that the heat carries it up.
  8. It expands the air; that makes it lighter; then the heavy air around it buoys it up, and, when it goes up, it carries up the down.
  9. This makes it lighter; and so the air around it, which is heavier, buoys it up, and it carries up the feather with it.
  10. After some time, the person who has made the sacrifice carries the flesh away and uses it for a feast.
  11. It will be perceived that three methods of examining classes have now been named, and these will afford the teacher the means of introducing a very great variety in his mode of conducting his recitations, while he still carries his class forward steadily in their prescribed course.
  12. The existing fragment of the book of the law is composed in the form of a dialogue, and is for the most part filled with conversations which Zarathrustra carries on with Auramazda.

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