Use Anywhere in a Sentence, How to use “Anywhere” in a sentence


Use Anywhere in a sentence. How to use the word Anywhere in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Anywhere.

Use Anywhere in a Sentence - How to use "Anywhere" in a sentence


Definition of Anywhere

  • in or to any place.
  • any place.

Examples of Anywhere in a sentence

  1. They could be located anywhere in the Nile Valley, and peasants could even live outside villages on their own holdings.
  2. We slept in the park because we didn’t have anywhere to stay.
  3. As you will see from the enclosed photos, the cottage is charming but miles from anywhere.
  4. The station isn’t anywhere near here.
  5. But impulses can start anywhere, with enough momentum.
  6. Have you seen my watch? I have looked all over the house but I can’t find it anywhere.
  7. There are many kinds of plants and animals here, many that don’t exist anywhere else on earth.
  8. I have a laptop and i want to use it anywhere.
  9. Quantum theory says a particle can be anywhere in the universe in the next instant.
  10. Tsunamis are more common around the edge of the Pacific than anywhere else
  11. Thunderstorms can happen anywhere with two conditions: the air near the Earth’s surface must be warm and moist, and the atmosphere must be unstable.
  12. Asian Latin Americans are also found anywhere in the Caribbean and other Latin American countries.
  13. I can’t find my keys anywhere.
  14. Pigeons can fly home from anywhere.
  15. However, the buildings could be anywhere in the world and have no relation to the culture or traditions of China. These expensive international trophies are absurdly underutilized.
  16. People will travel anywhere to be with the one they love.
  17. Lichens can occur anywhere on land, and some can live in aquatic environments.
  18. I can’t breathe anywhere else.
  19. We didn’t go anywhere at the weekend.
  20. My heart aches because I know this relationship isn’t going to go anywhere but I still am with him.
  21. Earthquakes can occur anywhere, but they are more like to occur near any of the Plate Boundaries around the world.
  22. I don’t want to go anywhere.
  23. If you could go anywhere with anyone you like, where would you go?
  24. If you feel like you are not going anywhere it is only because your perspective is not in the right place.
  25. My daughter refuses to go anywhere or do anything with me.
  26. I wanted to play with my cat, but couldn’t find him anywhere.
  27. My mom never takes me anywhere
  28. Programming is a unique profession because a programmer can work from a computer anywhere in the world.
  29. Although they may add a slight mark-up to the ticket, the price you pay will be less than anywhere else you purchase the tickets.
  30. A blizzard is a heavy snow storm with high winds and can hit anywhere that it
  31. She is borrowing money off you because she can’t get it anywhere else.

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