Use Along in a Sentence, How to use “Along” in a sentence


Use Along in a sentence. How to use the word Along in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Along. Sentence for Along.

Use Along in a Sentence - How to use "Along" in a sentence

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Examples of along in a sentence

  • The actual core parts of this specific UK clothing design incorporate a specially designed PU midsole that uses an administration stain along with the Masai detection unit.
  • They rolled the canyon along the road.
  • The United States was one of the four members that abstained, along with Haiti, Israel and Palau.
  • The Maltese’s long, straight, silky white coat hangs down evenly on the sides from a part running along the center of the back.
  • Sure, there is food for the party to think about, along with decorations and all that sweetness that is needed for trick-or-treaters, but let’s not forget the most important element of the holiday: the wardrobe and the perfect makeup.
  • To make things faster, Larian became its first donor along with unnamed investors and the amount they accumulated went up as high as $200 million.
  • Along with its sad news, another storm hit the company as Charles Lazarus died seven days after the announcement.
  • We can lose our savings and we can even incur debt along the way.
  • Along with his success as an orchestra conductor, Masur was also a humanitarian setting.
  • It offers a more attractive and thinner design, but you can still track multiple activities and heart rate, along with viewing notifications for calls and text messages.
  • In recent years, the phenomenon of Black Friday has been making its way into our country, despite being, along with Halloween, United States parties.
  • Unless you are incinerated, and your ashes end in an ugly urn, your remains receive a tomb and gravestone, and along with it, the last chance for a fun epitaph to entertain those who come to visit.


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