Use Agriculture in a Sentence – How to use “Agriculture” in a sentence


Use Agriculture in a sentence. How to use the word Agriculture in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agriculture.

Use Agriculture in a Sentence - How to use "Agriculture" in a sentence


Examples of Agriculture in a sentence

  1. Huge expanses of rainforest are being cleared for agriculture and mining.
  2. The farmers engage in different types of agriculture, depending in large part on their geographic environment.
  3. Should carnivorous Christians refrain from eating animals at church events out of respect for vegetarian Christians who believe that supporting industrial agriculture is a mistake?
  4. Hence we may assume that the incursions and raids of the nomads of the steppes began with the increase of the flocks and the prosperity of agriculture in the valleys of Merv, Bactria, and Sogdiana.
  5. They were at the same time the code of criminal and civic law, and in them was deposited what was known of medicine and agriculture, and the sum total of the science of their authors.
  6. Xenophon tells us that the Persian kings gave special attention to agriculture; on their journeys they inquired into the tillage of the land, and demanded similar attention from their satraps.
  7. The good life of nature is promoted by planting and agriculture, by tending the useful and destroying the pernicious animals; and by posterity provision is to be made for the life of men.
  8. So far as I can see, the Avesta betrays a state of civilisation, which, beginning from the pastoral condition, has remained in close connection with cattle-breeding and agriculture, but has also reached a more advanced stage.
  9. As a fact Persia is a mountainous country; the slopes are admirably fitted for cattle breeding, but there is little room or encouragement for agriculture.
  10. According to this statement six of the Persian tribes carried on agriculture, and four were pastoral.
  11. It must have been of such a nature as to admit of agriculture beside the breeding of cattle.

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