Use Africa in a Sentence, How to use “Africa” in a sentence


Use Africa in a sentence. How to use the word Africa in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Africa.

use Africa in a sentence


Definition of Africa

the second largest continent, a southward projection of the Old World landmass roughly divided by the equator and the ring.

Examples of Africa in a sentence

  1. The history of national movements in West Africa can be traced back to the early 1920’s; in East Africa they developed somewhat later because of the presence of a substantial minority of European settlers.
  2. Abidjan, is the capital and the largest city of the Ivory Coast republic, in West Africa.
  3. The languages belonging to one of these families, the Congo-Kordofanian, are spoken by most of the people in Subsaharan Africa.
  4. Gold Coast, a former British possession in West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea.
  5. Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is the largest city in Africa and the political and cultural center of the Arab world.
  6. The aardvark, native to central and Southern Africa, is a nocturnal animal that feeds on ants and termites.
  7. The colonial systems of Africa, whether British, French, Belgian or Portuguese, all suffered from varying degrees of paternalism and from a variety of theories as to how the colonies might best be ruled.
  8. The growth of political systems, dominated by a single party, with a supreme leader to whom charismatic qualities were attributed, became the hallmark of postindependence political development in Africa.
  9. The rate and direction of economic development is the crucial issue in all parts of Africa.
  10. The arguments advanced for wider unification in Africa have stemmed from both cultural and practical considerations.
  11. The more practical arguments for unity stem from considerations of security, economic necessity, and the defense of Africa against neocolonialist “balkanization.”
  12. In 1965, Africa had an estimated population of about 310 million.
  13. Some theories of unity cali for full political union, in which national sovereignty would be surrendered to a united states of Africa along the lines of the union established in the United States.
  14. They are aware of the continuing dependenee of Africa on European technical skills and financial help.
  15. Indeed, in the case of the French-speaking areas of Africa, France has supplied considerably more aid than any other source.
  16. Maps of linguistic areas of Africa can be drawn with a greater degree of precision than can racial maps.


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