Use Administrator in a Sentence, How to use “Administrator” in a sentence


Use Administrator in a sentence. How to use the word Administrator in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Administrator. Sentence for Administrator.

Use Administrator in a Sentence - How to use "Administrator" in a sentence


Examples of Administrator in a sentence

  1. Guthrie directed his first London production-James Bridie’s The Anatomist—in 1931 and was administrator of the Old Vic from 1939 to 1945.
  2. Thenard was a prominent educational administrator, becoming chancellor of the University of Oxford in 1849.
  3. I have a great experience as an educator and administrator of a school.
  4. The court appointed an administrator to administer and liquidate the assets of an insolvent corporation.
  5. Mehmed Emin Pasha;(1840-1892), German explorer and administrator in Africa.
  6. This person is called the administrator, or, if a woman, the administratrix.
  7. The Judge gives the administrator or the administratrix a paper, which authorises him or her to take charge of the property, which paper is called, “Letters of Administration.”
  8. The administrator usually keeps a copy of the inventory besides.
  9. Kingo was an able administrator, and the institutions and finances of the diocese prospered under his care.


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