Out of My Mind Book Summary and Analysis, Written by Sharon M. Draper


It was a book written in simple language, keeping its reader with a fluid plot. Depending on the subject of the book, it contained many messages.

It is an indisputable fact that, as a reader, it creates awareness in people with disabilities. Before this book, I never thought about what might go through the head of a person I saw in a wheelchair, but now I feel more aware of her feelings and emotions. The descriptions of the characters described in the book were also very good. This success is one of the most important factors that make me love books. Because being able to animate characters clearly in your mind puts you more into the story. So it was a book that I loved to read. Its language is simple and fluent on a modern level, making the book quick to read, so you don’t get bored while reading. I highly recommend that you read the story of this small but giant girl and add her to your world.

Out of My Mind Book Summary and Analysis - Written by Sharon M. Draper

Out of my mind short summary

Melody, 11, is a girl with congenital physical disabilities, who cannot speak but has a completely different world. She has managed to ignore the difficulties in her life since she was pampered, cared for, and loved by her family since her childhood. Melody’s father was constantly recording a video of her, and Melody constantly examines herself while watching these videos. In these videos, Melody’s arms and legs never move, she doesn’t cry, and she can’t sit up without the help of the pillows. All of these are current issues for her right now. Because Melody cannot speak, many people also consider her a person with mental problems. Even her doctor told her mother that she had mental disabilities. Although her mother vehemently denies it. She knows that her daughter understands everything even if she doesn’t react. And indeed, that is. Melody understands everything that surrounds her, analyzes it and reacts to them in her own internal world. Our heroine has a very strong photographic memory and she keeps everything she sees in her head so to speak. Also, with the help of her mother, Melody is quite interested in music.

While the life of Melody and her mother continues in the most normal way possible, our heroine begins school. Melody experiences some type of seizure when she becomes emotional, anxious, or sad. Her body jerks involuntarily and makes strange sounds. One day at school she has a seizure. Because her teachers have been showing the students the same songs and the same lessons for months because they think they won’t be able to understand, which has infuriated Melody in the end. Due to her attack, her mother is called to the school and her mother, who finds out about the situation and understands the reason, becomes angry. She cannot handle such an underestimation of the children and decides to change Melody’s class after the events and take her to the same class as normal students. This will be a very frustrating process for Melody because she has never been in such an environment before. Except for special children like her, she has no friends and now she will have to join a class of regular students. With the help of her family, Melody accepts this situation and returns to her school to start her classes in her new class. This is also a challenge for other children in the classroom. Because Melody’s amorphous attitude scares them.


As Melody tries to adjust to her new class, the family receives new information. Melody’s mother is pregnant and this situation means different emotions for everyone. Her mother is afraid because she believes that her newborn may be born with a handicap like Melody. Melody has the same fear. She is also uncomfortable with the idea that the baby will be normal and inferior to her and that she can do the things that Melody cannot. To help care for Melody while her mother is pregnant, Miss V., as Melody calls her, becomes involved in her lives. Melody and Miss V. have a strong connection. The expected baby joins the family, healthy. All members of the family, including Melody, hug the baby with love, and even she is surprised at how healthy the baby is.

They find someone to help Melody with school. With her help, she could easily attend class and study. But these aids are not enough. She wants to have a computer that can express her opinions. She can share it with both her caregiver and her family, because now she has letters in front of her, which she can move with a little maneuver, that Mrs. V. and her mother prepared for her. Her parents fulfill her wish for a computer after long struggles and it is the beginning of changes in Melody’s world.

Melody is not taken seriously by her friends and her teachers at school, but she wants to join an inter-school knowledge contest and after the extraordinary success she showed, she is on the team. This is an unexpected turn of events and it surprised everyone. With her participation in the team, her relationship with her friends begins to improve, at least for Melody, apparently. Until she found out on the morning of the contest that her friends and her teacher got on the plane without waiting for her. She does everything she can do and catches up with the competition, Melody does wonders there too and everyone is very into her. This girl is very smart and can talk through a device, how could she not get her attention? Melody also teaches them a great lesson by taking on her friends and the teacher at the end of the competition. Thinking back to the year she had after returning home, Melody now trusts that her life will never be the same again.

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