Use Actions in a Sentence, How to use “Actions” in a sentence


Use Actions in a sentence. How to use the word Actions in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Actions.

Use Actions in a Sentence - How to use "Actions" in a sentence


Examples of Actions in a sentence

  1. Because of these failings, they may become what other men judge to be good or evil, generous or selfish, depending on the social results of their actions.
  2. Actions should have consequences.
  3. Justice is expressed through actions.
  4. What actions are you taking?
  5. President Trump denied any dishonorable actions.
  6. We don’t condone your actions.
  7. Everyone is responsible for his own actions.
  8. She took full responsibility for her actions.
  9. His words don’t match his actions.
  10. Thus it is the understanding of the past, embodied in the ancestors and what they have done and continue to do, that directs present actions far more than does a conception of a better future.
  11. His brave actions are worthy of a medal.
  12. Each one is responsible for his own actions.
  13. We perform eighty percent of our actions unconsciously.
  14. We name the actions that the universities administer and inculcate the students as restriction actions.
  15. Right now your actions do not match your words.
  16. He didn’t show any remorse for his actions.
  17. He sees himself not as an individual free to engage in his own personal pursuits but as a member of groups whose well-being depends on his actions as his depends on theirs.
  18. Donald had to live with the consequences of his actions.
  19. He is not willing to take responsibility for his actions.
  20. Do you believe global warming is the result of human actions?
  21. People gathered with tomatoes and eggs to condemn the mayor’s actions.
  22. I don’t think you understand the repercussions your actions have caused.
  23. He doesn’t understand that his actions are inimical to his own interests.
  24. I’m using the passive voice because I don’t want to take responsibility for my actions.
  25. I wonder what effect technical advances such as the Internet, mobile phones and digitalization technology have on the people’s awareness, actions and interest in politics.
  26. Self-destructive organizations are nothing if not skillful to minimize the costs of their destructive or ineffective actions.
  27. The subdivision of actions into thematic groups requires a flexible and skillful administration.

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