Achieved in a Sentence


Use Achieved in a sentence. How to use the word Achieved in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Achieved.

Definition of Achieved

Examples of Achieved in a sentence

*** Coverage is achieved through the use of an oxyacetylene flame spraying process.

*** For this successful academy, later removed to Lucca, he wrote short technical manuals that achieved wide circulation.


*** As each case base is created with the ontological commitment to share the ontology, the integration of knowledge was effectively achieved.

*** By adopting advanced selection variables, the relative optimal regression model was achieved.

*** if the fried chicken could have a healthier image, it was achieved here.

*** At last he has achieved his ambition to appear indistinguishable and distinctive.

*** This is achieved through strict practices of celibacy and asceticism.

*** Dalton entered Parliament as a Labourite in 1924 and quickly achieved a reputation as a lucid and well-informed speaker.

*** When a balance of secre-tion is reached, about the time of adolescence, the growth mechanism generally stops and adult growth is achieved.

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