Use Accommodation in a Sentence, How to use “Accommodation” in a sentence


Use Accommodation in a sentence. How to use the word Accommodation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accommodation. Sentence for Accommodation.

Use Accommodation in a Sentence

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Examples of Accommodation in a sentence

  1. He would not hear of any accommodation.
  2. It was an Episcopal chapel, built here by the proprietor of the hotel for the accommodation of his English guests on Sundays.
  3. But Sankum and Yemuka persisted in refusing to allow any accommodation to be made.
  4. The nobles then were military chieftains, living in camps or in walled cities, which they built for the accommodation of themselves and their followers.
  5. Of course, a special contrivance is required for the accommodation of this species of property.
  6. Le Croc, the aged and venerable French embassador, made a great effort to effect an accommodation and prevent a battle.
  7. The arrangement which nature has made of the southern coast of England seems almost as if expressly intended for the accommodation of a great national and mercantile marine.
  8. The guest accommodation offers a quiet and airy atmosphere inspired by local architecture, with traditional teak wood furniture, high ceilings and thatched roofs with pandanus leaves.
  9. A sofa was placed against the wall, by the side of the teachers’ for the accommodation of visitors.
  10. There were, of course, numerous ranges of seats around the margin of this lake for the accommodation of the spectators.
  11. Le Croc went back and forth several times, vainly endeavoring to effect an accommodation, and finally, giving up in despair, he returned to Edinburgh, leaving the contending parties to settle the contest in their own way.
  12. The steamboats and hotels, and all the arrangements made for the accommodation of travellers on the Rhine, are entirely different from those of any American river, partly for the reason that so very large a portion of the travelling there is pleasure travelling.
  13. The highest of these mountains is the celebrated Drachenfels, which has a ruined castle on the top of it, and an inn for the accommodation of travellers just below.


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